Bat Surveys...

Bat Surveys...

Bat Surveys & More

Greenspace Ecological Solutions (GES) offer an array of bat surveys including; bat scoping surveys, activity surveys, summer emergence surveys and bat roost inspections of all potential roost sites for bats. Inclusive of buildings, trees, caves, mines and bridges, we give advice on bats and their effect on project planning and timings to an array of clients including architects, town councils, developers and domestic home owners.

We produce European Protected Species Mitigation (EPSM) Licences (including Low Impact Class Licences, LICL) and provide mitigation design and supervision and pride ourselves on ability to oversee projects from initial contact to licensing (should one be required).   

Serving a range of clients across the UK, we provide cost effective solutions to bat mitigation, in an effort to keep bat conservation and development on the same side.

Our surveyors are proficient in the use of industry standard survey techniques and this experience ensures all surveys and reports meet the stringent requirements of the planning authorities and Natural England.

Each project is issued with a Lead Ecologist who is here to help guide you through your project, whether it be for residential or commercial development, utilities works, road schemes, building/structure maintenance, renewable energy builds, we are here to help.

Services we offer include;

  • Bat Scoping Surveys
  • Desk Study Data Analysis
  • Species confirmation through DNA Analysis
  • Preliminary Bat Tree Surveys
  • Aerial Tree Inspections
  • Bat Emergence & Re-Entry Surveys
  • Bat Transect / Activity Surveys
  • Sonogram Analysis
  • Bat Mitigation Design, Advice & Monitoring
  • European Protected Species Mitigation Licence Advice, Applications (including LICL), Supervision & Monitoring

As a company we are constantly reviewing survey technologies, software and equipment, keeping us at the forefront of modern survey techniques. Currently we use an array of survey equipment and computer software to aid projects inclusive of;

  • Rigid Endoscopes
  • Static bat detectors
  • Bat Logger M, EM3+, Petterson D240X,  Batbox Duet, and Anabat Bat Detectors
  • Bat Explorer, Kaliedoscope and Bat Sound Analysis Software
  • FLIR High Definition Thermal Imagining Cameras
  • Infra Red Video Cameras

Following completion of a survey, we produce a detailed report setting out the survey methodology, results and mitigation measures and licensing requirements if required. Through the provision of detailed survey work, concise reporting and proportionate recommendations, we aim to provide a bespoke affordable service that serves to benefit our clients and conservation alike.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of current legislation regarding bats and believe the development of a strong client relationship is key to effective project management.  By providing effective solutions that meet the needs of both planning and wildlife legislation, we can guide you through your project with a piece of mind that your ecological matters are in hand.

Although surveys to establish a structures potential to support a bat roost can be conducted throughout the year, due to seasonal constraints activity/emergence surveys are restricted to the period when bats are most active (May – October).

If you would like to discuss a bat survey, or are looking for advice on an EPSM Licence why not contact us today and  a member of the team would be happy to help.

With projects extending across the South, core areas of work include Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall… we are here to help.