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Habitat Creation, Management & ECoW
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Habitat Surveys
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Protected Species

Welcome To Greenspace Ecological Solutions

Greenspace Ecological Solutions (GES) is an award winning independent ecological consultancy with a commitment to provide sound ecologically and cost effective solutions to both the private and public sector. Through the provision of a full range of survey techniques, our team strive to aid and assist individuals and organisations in their ecological requirements. We approach each project with a wealth of practical and technical experience, this enabling us to guide and advise you through your project and planning application.

Services offered include Extended Phase 1 Habitat/PEA, Hedgerow, River Corridor, Arboricultural and Woodland Surveys, plus a full range of protected species surveys including bats, birds, badgers, reptiles, great crested newts, otters, water voles, dormice and barn owl. Through close consultation with our clientele, we regularly provide LEMP's, mitigation strategies, gain EPSM and BLIC Licenses and write chapters of BREEAM and EcIA for a range of varying projects.

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Private Landowner

"Thank you so much. Efficient as ever. If the LPA ask for further surveys I will be in touch. I certainly won’t be going anywhere else!" - Ms Baird, East Sussex

Aveling Securities

"We thank Greenspace for all their work which played a major contribution towards us achieving the planning permission. We would strongly recommend Greenspace to any company that wish to carry out works of a similar nature." Craig Pope Company Director

Guy Hollaway Architects

"We have worked on a variety of projects where our mutual Clients have appointed the services of GES. From our experience, we have found Guy Newman to be professional and knowledgeable and his explanation of all ecological aspects of the projects was easily understood."

Latest Tweets: @greenspace_eco

On Saturday some of the team enjoyed an evening at the Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival, This was the 1st night of the tour and well worth the visit with amazing footage, a mixture of films and some shocking scenes, plenty to think about @WilderlandFest https://t.co/Qzgmwaquaj

Bees without Borders. First recorded in Europe in 1993 and identified in the UK in 2001, the new to science ivy bee (Colletes hederae) was identified by our surveyors on a Site in Sussex this week. https://t.co/9200sBWJmE

The final push for bat emergence surveys is upon us, with rain & lots of surveys being rearranged it's a credit to our team they keep smiling. This week sees GES at Battlesbridge in Essex, Chiddingstone, Shoreham, Teneterden, Paddock Wood, Ashford, Haywards Heath & Bletchingly