HD Thermal Imaging Camera Surveys

HD Thermal Imaging Camera Surveys

High Definition Thermal Imaging Camera Surveys

The use of high definition thermal imaging cameras provides our survey team with an invaluable tool when conducting ecological surveys.  Due to recent advancements, the once unwieldy units required to obtain thermal images are now available in portable hand held units. As a result, thermometric data analysis is enabling previously unobtainable data to be collected and utilised when interpreting ecological surveys results.

With application ranging from identifying likely entrance / exit point in buildings, to the movement of nocturnal species inclusive of bats, badgers, dormice and birds, the application of thermal imaging can often result in surveys being conducted in a robust and timely manner, beyond that available using traditional techniques. 

Currently being deployed to support surveys such as;

  • Bat Building and Tree Assessments Surveys.
  • Bat Emergence Surveys on built structures and trees.
  • Bat Transect Surveys.
  • Nocturnal / Dusk Bird Surveys.
  • Badger Surveys.

If you believe the application of a thermal imaging camera will serve to assist your project, why not contact us today to discuss the details with a member of our team.