Hedgerow Surveys

Hedgerow Surveys

Hedgerow Surveys

The hedgerows of the UK are considered of sufficient importance to be classed as a Priority Habitat under the UK and many local Biodiversity Action Plan’s (BAP’s). In response, a recognised classification process has been compiled which serves to determine if a hedgerow is considered ‘Important’ under the Hedgerow’s Regulations Act (1997).

Where ‘Important’ hedgerows are to be impacted by development, Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s) are obligated to receive/issue a Hedgerow Removal Notice prior to the start of works. As a result, hedgerow surveys are often requested by LPA’s prior to the agreement of planning applications and should these be requested we are happy to assist.

To establish the importance of hedgerows within your site, we provide extensive hedgerow surveys using industry recognised survey techniques. The hedgerow is assessed for;

  • Connectivity
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Length
  • Surrounding features
  • The botanical species present
  • Any signs of protected species which may be present.

The survey serves to determine the importance/status of the hedgerow under the Hedgerow’s Regulations (1997) and if necessary will provide the level of detail required to apply for a “Hedgerow Removal Notice”.

It should be noted, that although Hedgerow Surveys can be conducted at any time of year, seasonal constraints related to botanical growth patterns results in the greatest level of detail being gained from surveys conducted during the period April - October in any given year. The best months within this period are June and July because the ground flora is most apparent and spring flowering species are still recognisable.

If you believe you may need a hedgerow survey, why not contact us today to discuss the details with a member of our team.

With projects extending across the South, core areas of work include Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall… we are here to help.