Winter Wellness Journey

Winter Wellness Journey

Winter Wellness Journey

Team | 30 November 2023

As winter's darker days arrive and the inclination is to hibernate indoors, the significance of prioritizing health and well-being often takes a back seat in our lives. Recognising this GES is once again gearing up for its annual Winter Health and Wellbeing Focus, reaffirming its commitment to fostering the welfare of its employees.

Throughout the years, GES has been at the forefront of spearheading a diverse array of activities that adopt a proactive stance toward mental health, physical well-being, nutrition, and overall health. This initiative unfolds from December to February, strategically aligning with the season's short days to invigorate, connect, and actively uplift the spirits of team members.

Diversity lies at the core of GES's approach, with each month featuring a unique focus on different optional activities meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences and paces.

Over the last few years, the company has hosted mental health-centric workshops, including weekly meditations, shared a beginner's headspace meditation course, and a Mindfulness Talk featuring a guest speaker unravelling the science behind mindfulness. These sessions aimed to strengthen the connections between mood, memory, and focus, fostering a resilient and balanced mindset.

For those who enjoy movement, GES organized team yoga sessions, winter rambles, jump rope challenges, and an impressive month-long daily squat challenge culminating in an astonishing 100 squats a day. These activities not only promoted physical fitness but also cultivate team bonding and a profound sense of achievement among participants.

Creativity finds its rightful place in the Winter Health and Wellbeing Focus as well. Offerings gatherings such as the 'mini book club,' where team members shared reviews from a recent read using their GES gift book token, alongside smoothie catch-ups and drawing activities, providing opportunities for enjoyable engagement and expression.

As December approaches, we are once again gearing up for this years program ensuring that individuals are supported in every aspect of their health.

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