GES 2023 Fungi Competition

GES 2023 Fungi Competition

GES 2023 Fungi Competition

Team | 08 December 2023

Fungi, the enchanting kingdom with its myriad shapes, sizes, and colours, never fails to captivate our senses. Who can resist capturing their beauty once spotted?

With over 15,000 species of fungi in the UK, many of the team enjoyed immersing themselves in this year's fungi photo competition. Each snapshot, a glimpse into the diverse world of fungi, contributed to our ongoing efforts in recording and appreciating these incredible organisms.

Well done to everyone who participated—your passion for nature shines through each photograph.

A massive congratulations to Zoe Clarke from our #ecology team, for seizing the top spot! With 100 entries, Zoe’s keen eye has earned a pair of cinema tickets to enjoy over the festive period.

Here's to the mesmerizing world of fungi!

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